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The Fire Break

Let's face it... Cracking our global wildfire problem is going to take a lot of really smart people, with diverse backgrounds, working together, sharing ideas, and having in depth conversations.

The Fire Break, with Steve Wolf, is a hub for these conversations. Not snappy soundbites, but real conversations with the most influential thought leaders in the wildfire community.

It's the one place you can go to meet the key people shaping the future of our relationship with fire in all aspects: technical, scientific, environmental, geographic, policy, architectual, community, and media, and find out what they're up to.

Join us whenever you have moment, and meet these dynamic planet changers.

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Special Guest: Michael Kodas, Author of Megafire


Ray Chaney
Director of Emergency Services
Sand Diego County
Fmr. CalFIR
E Battalion Chief
Fmr. CalFIRE Fire Chief.

Ray currently runs 2-1-1 San Diego, quickly connecting people in distress with the emergency services they need.
San Diego, CA
Joaquin Cisneros
Founder and CTO of Technosylva, the world's most popular fire growth prediction tool.
Joaquin is also a board member of the International Association of Wildland Fire Few people can so accurately look into the future.

San Diego, CA
Chad Costa
Assistant Fire Chief, Petaluma Fire Department
Chad, who has held held virtually every job in the fire service, shares secrets of his amazing career, and his thoughts on what's coming next to the wildfire community.
Petaluma, CA
Robert Gray
Fire ecologist
Are fuel treatments effective? 
What can we learn from the effects of past wildfires?
Frm. USDA Forest Tech

British Columbia, Canada
David Sypnieski
CEO- Athena Intelligence
What is the land telling us?
Sacramento, CA
Nicole Henningfeld
Wildfire Mitigation Expert
Can we "guide" wildfires? The "what to do" isn't as hard as getting people to do it.
Florence, MT
Jennifer Gray Thompson
Megafire recovery and resiliency expert
After The Fire

You've lost everything. Now what? Jennifer leads wildfire recovery because she's lived it.
San Francisco, CA
Bart Van Leeuwen
Situational Awareness Master Instructor
Why you don't know what you don't know, but could, with some help. What's really happening when it looks like smart people are making bad decisions?
Michael Kodas
Pulitzer Prize winning author of "MEGAFIRE"
Senior Editor, "
Inside Climate News"
Boulder, CO
Avery Schuyler Nunn
Writer - Nat Geo, Scientific American
How is fire affecting our oceans?

Laguna Beach, CA
Jeff Shelton
Fire Behavior Specialist
Frm. Fire Captain-Analyst, Orange County Fire Authority

How will fires surprise us next? Jeff knows.
Oceanside, CA
Ruggiero (Rino) Lovreglio
Professor at countless universitites
Modeling evacuation behavior:
What will humans do when the alarm goes off?
Seriously, follow Rino's career.
New Zealand
Anthony Schultz
Director, Wildfire Solutions ESRI
The fire is where?? GIS solutions, from the largest provider of geographic information.
Cheyenne, WY
Dan Reese
Aerial Firefighting Mission Commander
International Wildfire Consulting Group
Fmr. Deputy Chief of Tactical Air Operations,
Fmr. President, Global Super Tanker
Chico, CA
Valkyrie Holmes
CEO of Faura; Using property and climate data to help insurers and homeowners reduce their natural disaster risk.
Valkyrie has created a simple online
 tool you can use to both assess your risk, and reduce it.

New York, NY
Ralph Bloemers
Director of Fire Safe Communities & Natural Recovery
Executive Producer, "
Elemental; Reimagine Wildfire"
Portland, OR
Frank Carroll
Wildfire policy & practice expert consultant.
Wildfire & Forestry litigation. Speaker. Writer.
You can't see trends by looking at a single point it time... generational perspective is essential.
Pueblo, CO
Ron Rommel
Fmr. U.S. Forestry Service
Author, "Axe-It-First"
Ron's forgotten more about wildfire than most will every know... but today he remembers it all.
La Pine, OR
Casie Gano
Professional forester. Part time philosopher.
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
To paraphrase Rudyard Kipling, forests are not made by singing "Oh, how beautiful," and sitting in the shade.
British Columbia, Canada
Lucas Woolf
Wildland Fire Investigator, Consultant, Trainer/Mentor
Fmr. Special Agent at U.S. Forest Service
Good wildland arson investigations takes years of experience.
Springerville, AZ
Andreas "AJ: Johansson
Fire Captain, Corona Fire Department
Frm. Situation Unit Leader, Firefighter, Paramedic, Cal Fire
Curiously obsessed with
TAK comms... find out why.
Murrieta, CA
Brandon Rigaud
Battalion Chief, Grants Pass Fire Rescue.
Product manager at
First Due 
The challenge of chasing bigger fires with smaller crews.
Grants Pass, Oregon

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