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Founder & CEO, Steve Wolf

PyroNemesis Pitch Deck Steve Wolf_edited


Steve Wolf holds world records for engineering feats including the longest tandem zipline, firing the most explosives on a person, and detonating the largest hydrogen blast since the Hindenburg. He blew up ships for James Cameron, made storms for Cast Away, and was Al Pacino’s stunt double. He engineered effects for Law & Order, America’s Most Wanted, Rescue 911, and David Letterman. He’s designed wind, snow, fire & foam machines, and dozens of fire control technologies and methods.

As a rescue professional, Wolf served on numerous fire, emergency service, dive-rescue and extrication teams. He combed debris for survivors at the crash of Pan Am Flt. 759, which claimed 158 lives. He’s a licensed SCUBA instructor, rescue diver, firearms instructor, explosive manufacturer, P.I., HAM operator, and certified expert witness in numerous fields. He engineers for the Secret Service and the Navy Special Warfare Command, holds B.A. from Columbia University, and is a dad to 3 boys.

Wolf has presented at the World Science Festival, The U.S. Science & Engineering Festival, and is a two time recipient of Time Warner’s “Science Presenter of the Year” award.

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