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Technology and tactics to tame our planet’s most destructive fires

Innovating technology to protect people, habitats, homes and businesses.
Wildfire, you've met your match.

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Live-Fire Testing in progress

Team Wildfire featured on TMZ!

AI enabled, jet engine-powered robotic fire-fighting hurricane on wheels

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Bringing the fight to the fire, with jet engines

Team Wildfire is developing and deploying the world’s most advanced patent-pending technology and tactics for fighting wildfires.

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“Ask firefighters what they need, and they joke that they’d like a strong wind at their backs and heavy rain... so we created a 'hurricane on wheels'”

As a Hollywood special effect engineer, Steve Wolf has designed dozens of fire control technologies and methods. 

Now, he's directing his expertise to fight wildfires.

Wildfire By The Numbers

The number and size of wildfires is increasing. In 2020, over 10 million acres burned in the U.S. alone.


$150B in damages

in California alone from the 2018 fire season


$11B spent on mitigation

in California for 2021 and 2022

$70B global fire safety market

growing 9% annually



“I’ve never seen an invention with such promise to tame raging fires. This is a huge leap in wildfire-killing technology."

-Ben Johnson, Center for Excellence in Fire Prevention 

“This eases the difficulty and danger of cutting fire lines, combating fire, and remediating damage, all with one powerful tool.”

-Kirk McKinzie, Professor of Fire Science, Cal Fire Captain

“This is the most interesting out-of-the box wildfire idea I’ve seen. I can’t imagine our agency not jumping on this.”

-Eric Aselin, US Forest Service

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