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Tips for The Fire Break Podcast

Thank you for joining us on The Fire Break!

Joining the Podcast

We'll send you an email with a link for you to join the podcast.

  • Audio Tips
    Audio Clarity: Prioritize clear audio for a successful podcast recording. Microphone : If you can, use an external microphone. Headphone Mic Alternative: Headphones with built-in mics, like those with smartphones, or Bluetooth headphones are also good. Headphones or ear buds: You'll sound better if you use them. Recording Environment: Ensure a quiet space. Minimize Background Noise: Avoid interruptions from pets, children, household appliances, etc. Schedule Considerations: Avoid known disturbances such as garbage truck or landscaping . Adjust recording times if needed.
  • Video Tips
    Camera Options Any camera compatible with your computer, such as a webcam, will work. If you're using a smartphone, use the camera on the back side and make sure it's oriented for landscape mode . Lighting Ideal: a light source in front of you, just above the camera, and a secondary light source above you and out of frame. In low-light conditions, a lamp in front of you will help. Avoid bright windows behind you. Dress and Appearance Be comfortable. If you have a cool uniform, wear it. Camera Positioning Position yourself about three feet from your camera. Your head should take up 1/6th of the entire frame, or half the height of the frame. Make sure your face is lit so we can see you. Center your face in the frame, leave just a sliver between the top of your head and the top of the frame.
  • Internet Tips
    1. Choose a Wired Connection Use Ethernet: Connect directly to your router with an ethernet cable. Adapter for Non-Ethernet Ports: If your device lacks an ethernet port, use a USB adapter. 2. Check Internet Speed Minimum Speed Requirements: It's best if your internet speed is at least 10 Mbps for both upload and download. Speed Test: Perform an internet speed test before the recording to confirm stability. . 3. Limit WiFi Reliance Last Resort: Use WiFi only if Ethernet is not an option. Get close to the router: If on WiFi, the closer to the router the better. 4. Reduce Network Traffic Limit Device Usage: Ask others in the household to limit internet use during your recording session. Streaming Services: Avoid using bandwidth-heavy applications like streaming services during the podcast.
  • Podcast Format
    Podcast Format: Our podcast format is a mix of structured and free-form discussion. Day of Recording: Please follow the link to the recording session 15 minutes before to our scheduled time. One of us will be available for any technical assistance. After the Recording: We’ll send you a link to your episode for private viewing before we post it, then we’ll let you know how to post your episode to your social media. HAVE FUN AND BE YOURSELF!!!
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