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In the opinion of experts including fire marshals, forestry officials, and data analysts, PyroNemesis technology will:

  • Reduce the time and costs of suppressing wildfires

  • Increase the ability of crews to start and control backfires

  • Increase the speed and ease of making fire breaks

  • Reduce the number of homes & acreage burned, & lives lost

  • Increase the speed with which homes can be protected using insulative gels

  • Increase the time residents have to evacuate

  • Increase the safety of escape routes

  • Add a new ability to capture fugitive embers

Urgent & Extreme Market Demand

“A huge leap for wildfire suppression and prescribed burns… a game changer on the fire line, saving lives, homes, and money. I foresee the county wanting several of these machines on hand at the next wildfire.

-Andrew M. Amalfitano

-Chief-President, Boulder Emergency Squad


“I’ve never seen an invention with such promise to tame raging fires. This is a huge leap in wildfire-killing technology. Having access to this technology will give us a powerful new tool in the arsenal.”

-Ben Johnson

-Center for Excellence in Fire Prevention 


“This eases the difficulty and danger of cutting fire lines, combatting fire, and remediating damage, all with one powerful tool. I can’t wait to use it. As a captain at CalFire, I’d be ordering dozens of these machines.

-Kirk McKinzi

Professor of Fire Science, CalFire Captain

“This is the most interesting out of the box wildfire idea I’ve seen. I can’t imagine our agency not jumping on this.

-Eric Aselin

US Forest Service


“Not only would I want one of these on standby at every fire station, I’d want one in my own garage.”

Richard Moseley

Deputy Fire Marshal at Utah State Fire Marshal


“The carcinogenic dust clouds generated by some blasting operations are a huge concern. If you can drop them with massive rains, we’d use your gear on every shoot.

Ron Gilbert

Dykon Blasting

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